About me

Guitars are more than just tools. An emotional relationship with the instrument is the natural result of a passion for music. 

Anyone who invests dedication and the desire to express their own individuality in their music will sooner or later look for a guitar that was built with the same ideals.

Industrially manufactured instruments can radiate perfection. Such instruments are often sold with the misleading label handmade, whereby the manual action is often limited to operating CNC milling machines and to those processes associated with serial production.

Taken the term handmade literally, anyone who has experienced what handmade means, will know the difference in every sense.

Like any creative process, building instruments is a chain of various decisions. Only a person who can make each of these decisions individually will achieve a result that can truly be called: handmade and allows individual musical expression.

I studied guitar making with Norman Reed in Totnes/Devon and have been building various string instruments since 1996. It is very important to me to pick the right pieces of wood and to help them develop their full potential.

A comprehensive dialogue with the person who is supposed to play the instrument is also a vital part in creating the perfect instrument.

For me, the key to the creation of truly personal instrument lies in the coordination of the materials and the respectful handling of their possibilities.


All instruments are handcrafted in the gbl workshop and are planned together with the customer. Only the best materials are used for construction and repairs. Visitors are always welcome to visit the workshop!



Gerhard Bode-Labusch
Alte Dorfstr. 1
D-31632 Husum-Bolsehle